Monday, January 19, 2009


Last night, as usual, Harrisen offered the blessing for our dinner. Usually, he says the traditional Catholic blessing, "Bless us, Oh, Lord..."  but some days he goes renegade and says a very sweet prayer straight from the heart.  Last night had his dad and I holding our breaths and stifling giggles over our bowls of pasta.
H- "Jesus.....thank you for our food.  Thank you for our family.  And thank you for Diet Coke for Mommy.  And water for me and Evangeline. Amen."
Methinks I should lay off the little red and silver cans for a while.  


  1. That is so cute! When we ask Ty to go get us a pop out of the fridge, he automatically asks us "Do you want a Diet Coke?" Nice to know our house isn't so different. Diet Coke is a beautiful thing!