Monday, October 4, 2010


My children will be polite if it is the last thing I do. Southern manners will not die out with my generation. So help me, God of the Bible Belt and all things holy and served with cornbread. Tonight, I had to remind both children at least a bejeeelion times to not say "Yeah." but "Yes, Maam". And "No ma'am" instead of "nope". I remind them with the phrase that tonight, made me seem like I was stuttering. "Excuse me?"

K: Have you brushed your teeth?

H: Nope.

K: Excuse me?

H: No, Ma'am.

K: Evangeline, did you go to the bathroom?

E: Yep.

K: Excuse me?

E: Yes, Ma'am.

When I had to pull out the "Excuse me?" TWICE in five minutes, once on each child, after the aforementioned corrections, I was ready to scream. So, I did.

K: Aaaarrrghhhh! I'm gonnna.......

E: You gonna put us in jail, Mommy?

Of course, I cracked up and all lectures ceased to be poignant as we rolled laughing. My convictions stand...but I'm done for tonight. Let me go say our "now I lay me's" before somebody needs a bail bondsman.




    Straighten up, or get ready for the clink! There are no Wonder Pets in the pokey!

    Heehee...seriously, I'm proud of you. You raisin' them chirrens up RIGHT!

  2. Ok, so I *have* to tell you this; I think you will greatly appreciate it right now. :)

    I was talking about your son's manners just the other day. Really.
    I was telling my mom about when I visited C2 for AB's birthday celebration, and she picked H to join us at her table. During the course of our conversation over grapes and cheddar chunks, I asked H if we would see him at AB's birthday party, to which he cocked his adorable little face to one side, smiled, and said, "I surely hope I can make it." I lol'ed in the moment and again when I told the story. He was just. so. proper.

    You're doing an amazing job with your kids, Katie. Despite a slip of the "yeah" here and there.

  3. Thanks to both Kel and Kathy...sometimes we need a little push to keep on truckin'.

    Harrisen was SO upset to miss AB's party...we were out of town this weekend. Let's talk about a playdate with cupcakes to make up for it? :)

  4. SO cute! I remember being corrected all the time when I was a kid on the "ma'am" and "sir" stuff. We must've learned because I also remember a lovely older woman coming up to my parents and telling them what well-behaved children they had. Sounds like you're doing everything right. :)