Friday, May 29, 2009

Big girl.

I gotta come to grips with it. Evangeline is growing up. Last weekend, mostly out of sheer laziness, I refused to go to the drawer in the kitchen to get her a fresh binky for bedtime. I told her, "Sorry, honey, you are a big girl, and we need to say bye-bye to the binky." Rip off the band-aid, ya know? She whined a little...and fussed a little...and I had to pat her to sleep, and we darned near wore out 4 expensive D cells in the birdie projector, but she slept almost through the night. Amazement reigned.

She hasn't mentioned the binky again. I have mentioned it from time to time, while bragging to other people that she gave it up, which seems to remind her, but she's ok. She's basically sleeping through the night, which she was not doing before. I'm getting rest. It's bliss.

All of the sudden, she's into the pink potty, too. I think she's in the spirit, what with her successful run being binky-free and all. She wants to sit on it all. the. time. The other night I heard Harrisen in there cheering for her, which I almost ignored except for the fact that it sounded so very sincere. Sure enough, tee tee in the pink potty! I think I scared her a little with my "potty dance". Harrisen used to dig it, but I think Evangeline expected me to be a little more lady-like for her celebration. She basically looked at me like I was a freak. If she had the verbage, I'm sure she would have said, "ummmmkay. That was nice mom. Let's stop the embarrassment for both of us and get to the chocolate." She certainly did appreciate wholeheartedly the candy she received as a reward. She has a wicked sweet tooth.

I'm not as sad as I though I would be with these milestones flashing by like highway signs at 80mph. You would think I would be rather melancholy for what is likely my last child ever, moving past the baby stage I so adore, and would do over and over again if I could. Maybe it's because I've seen what's round the bend, and it's an awful lot of fun. T-ball. Real conversations. Help with the laundry and letting the dog out.

Wonder what Evangeline's "isms" will end up as on this blog? Time will tell. As for now, I'm really proud of our big girl.

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